Cross country districts

Today 5 girls out of our age level went to districts, (the next level after cross county) we competed against lots of other schools. I came 28th out of 42 girls. I didn’t get into the next level but I’m still really proud of myself. Our race was 3rd, (out of 4 races) and I had to run 3 kilometers. The track was made of gravel and there were lots of hills. Although the track was really hard, I gave it my best go and I finished it!


Today our school entered into a webinar, which is where a presentation is shown and schools can write the answers to some of the questions they have on a topic, this topic was my house, my rules. Which was about online scams. These are some of the facts they showed:
People have lost over $90,000,000 from pop up scams which have a picture of a cute puppy on them saying that it needs a home, but the dog doesn’t actually exist.
Another pop up scam is where a message comes up and it asks you to move it to “trash” but when you click the “trash” button it downloads a virus onto your devise! And if you click the “cancel” button next to it, the same thing happens!
Over 12% of people have experienced fraud or virus downloads on their computers,
One of which is called ransomwhere, where some-one gets on to your computer and locks it down, saying that you need to pay about $400 to revive it, and if you don’t in a certain time the price will go up.
But sometimes computer viruses can happen accidentally, if a friend’s computer has a virus, they can sometimes accidentally pass it on.
One of the most popular pop up scams is where it says to “click here for a free iPhone!” and when you click it, it downloads a virus on your computer. This scam is mainly targeted at kids.
Some things that people can do to protect their online privacy (privacy is about controlling your personal information in the online world.) is to have a fire wall, and strong passwords, and to make sure your devise’s passwords don’t get hacked onto, some phones have a face, eye or finger log in system!

For more information visit the scamwatch website.


A volcano in Hawaii has been erupting lava and fountains of toxic gases into the streets. It has already destroyed 26 homes. The streets that have been damaged and are dangerous to return to; there are still slits in the earth opened up in an area, with lava leaping up to 70m into the air!

So far no one is known to have died or been injured from the volcano, which began erupting on Thursday. Most of the eruptions flow continuously but without exploding. These have been mostly flowing into the ocean.

There was a powerful earthquake on the volcano’s side on Friday, the strongest earthquake since 1975.
The quake caused rock slides in a park and caused a coastal cliff to collapse into the ocean. It has been erupting constantly for 35 years.

What creates volcanoes? And what causes them to erupt?
From paragraph 3, does this mean that volcanoes and earthquakes are connected?

I understand more about earthquakes, and how surprisingly dangerous they can be.


The purple elephant stops at the pink lake, sucking litres of pink water through her powerful trunk as she sends a blast of pink water onto her colourful back. It sprays off her back and onto the grass, where flowers instantly sprout upwards. Then she lowers her head to take a large gulp of the water. I hear the muffled sounds of elephant feet against the soft grass, three triplets stumble happily into the clearing; one orange, like the sunset, one blue like the ocean and one pinky-red, like a cherry. They each make a soft trumpet noise… there’s only one word to explain this: magic.


Extreme weather events hit different parts of Australia on the weekend with Darwin was hit by a tropical cyclone and Victoria faced dangerous bush fires.

Up to 70 homes are believed to have been lost in a bush fire near on the south coast, and another 10 properties damaged by bush fire in Victoria.

Homeowners were warned to stay indoors because the huge winds made fully grown trees go rolling down streets and off roofs of buildings. About 23,000 homes went without power.

What causes bush fires and cyclones?
Are they connected, if so in what way?

I understand the effects bush fires and cyclones can do.


There was an earthquake in Pacific Ocean of Samoa which caused a tsunami in September 29 2009.
One day later another one happened an island Indonesia called Sumatra.
There is a section in the world is known as the ring of fire, where 80% of the earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis happen.

Why do they mostly happen in the ring of fire?
How are tsunamis and earthquakes connected?

I understand that 80% of earthquakes and other natural disasters happen in the ring of fire.


’when did it arrive?’ I said turning my head suspiciously.
“The parcel came last Tuesday, two days ago” the officer explained “a man in a dotted yellow suit said it was his, although he said he was in a hurry, grabbed the parcel and leaped through the door…”
“Did the man have a feather in his hat, by any chance?”
“Thinking closer, yes…”
“Did he drive out in a black car, and said he was going to a birthday party?”
“I know that man,”
“You do?”
Yes… he’s my dad-“
“Happy birthday!” yells a voice from behind me, “I’ve got your present!”


Vikings weren’t called Vikings, they were Nordic people, and translates as, “a pirate raid”
The horned helmets were first introduced in the 1800s by a costume designer Carl Emil Doepler.
They took pride in their appearances, and always took wash basins, combs and earspoons with them.

Why do they need earspoons?
Where did the name Viking come from?

I understand that Vikings aren’t always as we imagine them.


Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress, they wouldn’t make it.
“They’re not going to get here in time.” I warn everyone around me,
“We’re moving too fast.” Agrees the person next to me. But we can’t slow down, no, not now, but the gap between us is getting bigger, fast. As we turn a corner, I can’t see them at all.
Under my breath I wish them luck, but it didn’t seem right to just leave them there, what would happen? Yet they had missed me,
They had missed us,
They had missed…
The bus…

book review

Book Review
Eragon-first book in the inheritance series

Review; I would highly recommend this book for adventure and fantasy lovers. I think that it is fantasy because it is full of dragons, sorcerers, witches, and an evil king capable of magic! I also think it is adventure because Eragon goes on lots of adventures with his dragon and has lots of surprising twists and turns. Eg. When the old storyteller; Brom comes to see Eragon, he is actually not a storyteller, but is a magical dragon rider! And when Eragon turns up to a herb store in town, the woman there was a witch! And told Eragon his future! Out of 5 stars I would rate it 4.
A young farm boy named Eragon finds a polished blue stone in the forests while hunting, he hoped that it would buy his family food for the winter. But in the night the stone cracks open, Eragon now knows that the stone, is not a stone, but a dragon egg. Two mysterious figures had appeared in town, working for the evil king, they are furious that the egg had hatched on Eragon, and not them. This was a horrible danger for him and his family, he had no choice but to run away with his dragon. With the men on his trail, Eragon went to go seek shelter from the enemy of the evil king; the Varden. Just as Eragon joined, a horrible fight broke out between the evil king, and the Varden. Eragon and his dragon, played a big part in this fight, they had won, for the Varden