100 WC

Prompt: Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty


The images flash through my mind, and I can’t stop the tears from running down my face.


Running past he reaches out.

His flag clearly presented on his chest, yellow, like gold in the sun.


More tears. Stop it. Stop the memories.


Tough as a brick wall,

A gorilla, full of courage.


Two knocks on the door; “Beverly, are you home?”


Surrounded by dead bodies,

By blood, sweat and tears.


No. the past is the past Beverly, just forget it…


A sacrifice, a blast of gunfire,

His face. Eyes closed. He was too young to die.

A wasted life, a pretty face among a sea of poppies.



3 facts:

  1. Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system
  2. Saturn has the smallest density of all the planets
  3. Saturn has 62 moons

2 Questions:

  1. How many solar systems are there?
  2. Is earth the only tilted planet in our solar system?

1 understanding:

  1. I understand taht each planet in our solar system has at least 1 unique feature that makes it different from all the others.

100 wc

Prompt: because I said so…

“Why is the teacher acting, so…. weird?” I whisper.

Because I said Solan was going on a holiday for the week,” she whispers back. We sit and watch anxiously as Solan approaches the teacher.

“G-good morn-orning Mi-iss, I just…”

“DO THINK IT’S ACCEPTABLE TO MISS SCHOOL, SO YOU CAN GO ON A BREAK?” her voice echoes down the long, dark corridors like thunder.

“N-no miss, I just…” his cold, cold eyes scan across the room and meet mine.

“You told her, didn’t you…” he silently whispers, giving me his filthiest glare.

“YOU DO NOT TALK BACK TO TEACHERS!” and we all close our eyes as the cane comes down, whipping through the air, and landing hard on the back of his hand with a crack! I was going to die at break time.



I would like to improve on asking deeper questions when reading my JRB, and adding more detail to them.



I would like to improve on adding more description to my personal writing, and publishing more often.



I would like to improve on learning new strategies when it comes to dividing, or working out problems with decimals.

3 Questions about decimals:

  • What are some strategies I can use when solving problems with decimals using division?
  • Are there different ways to add decimals?
  • Do decimals still use the base 10 system?


Prompt: Bath   Fighter   Danced   Orange   Clumsily

As I clumsily step into the bath filled with soapy, warm water, all my worries cease and I let out a sigh of relief. Slowly, I open my eyes, and see it, as it danced in a bed of foamy bubbles before floating to another. The pastel orange and pink bath-bomb bobbed up and down gently, as if it were a tiny sailboat out at sea.

“You’ve been in there for over an hour!” yells my brother as he bursts in, wearing a firefighter‘s suit. Breaking the silence, breaking the only bit of peace I have ever had.


3 Questions:

Which was the first country to get involved with astronomy?

How did the Mayas create the long count calendar from astronomy?

Did any other countries find ways of making calendars at that time?

2 facts:

Bablon is a city/state that was located near modern Baghdad. The Babolonians  had a system of writing, so they could record astrological observations, from which they created mathematical models. These helped them create calendars.

The Mayas were a group of Mesoamerican Indians. They created the Mayan long count calendar, which used the number base system of 20 instead of 10.

1 understanding:

different countries found their own ways to make calendars via astronomy.


Teacher   Alligator   Mauve   Climbed   Tricky


I slowly climbed up the stairs. They had a mauve coloured rug and were very slippery. Like an alligator I crawled up, this was very tricky because my PE teacher had told the class how to do hurtles, which was very different to this since I was used to practicing on these very stairs. The reason I was going very slowly in the first place was because I had broken one of my mum’s antique vases and was going to pay dearly later on if I was caught, so I was just getting as far away from the crime scene as possible.

“WHO broke my VASE?……….”


My hand grabs it at the same time his does. I tug as hard as I can, keeping my grip firm. My brother screams in my ear, trying to make me let go, but I won’t. Now he’s yelling and I can feel my body slightly sinking into the ground. Looking around, I see both our feet have entirely disappeared underneath the ground.

“BOTH OF YOU!” I hear mum’s voice from the kitchen; “LET GO!” but I won’t let go. I won’t let go on the last licorice piece in the box. Now all that’s left above ground is our arms and heads, and slowly the only thing left is our hands. I feel myself stop sinking; I should have listened to mum.


I stare at the remaining minuets on the clock, the timer. A trickle of sweat runs down my neck, as I climb the dangerously high ladder. It slightly sways as I pin the banner on the wall, and get to work on coloring the letters that spell out “happy birthday!” I bite my tongue, dwelling on the one question in my head: but what color should it be? The timer is up, and the big, brass doors burst open, as my little sister comes charging in, staring at my unfinished banner. Her expression drops. What have I done? I think.