Your brain is designed to work differently under pressure.

If you spend more time thinking, and less time worrying you’re likely to get more done.

You need to have a plan and stick to it.


Are bush fires and cyclones related?

Or are they completely different?


I understand more about the effects of natural disasters.

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prompt: however, she couldn’t believe what she had done

Jess’s science project bubbled as frothy foam squirts out of the tube. The huge flow wouldn’t stop, now dripping off the table, staining everything in deep purple-red. This wasn’t meant to happen. now all of the tiles in the science room are stained in the one, consistent colour. But nobody seemed to notice, they were all just mesmerized by that steady stream of foam. Children’s shoes, tables, chairs, even some parts of the walls were this one colour. red like a tomato with embarrassment Jess took her project away. Everyone else started cheering, they liked it, however, she couldn’t believe what she had done.


People are allowed only 50L of water a day in cape town because of a really bad drought.

If day 0 arrives people will only get 25L of water a day.

it is possible that the whole city could run out of water!


will cape town ever fully recover? will day 0 ever arrive?


I understand droughts are a lot more dangerous then we think.


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Bridge  Sprinkled  Pink  Daffodil  Huge

I stroll down the path and across the huge bridge, it was sprinkled with pink petals from the cherry blossom tree above me. The breeze is cool, and it’s a sunny day. I open my arms out and spin around in circles letting the cool air ruffle through my cloths. Closing my eyes I imagine my family right beside me, I can hear their sweet voices singing as they skip through the daffodil patch with me. And when I open my eyes I don’t have to imagine them being here, because they’re right there.


Things that are provided after a natural disaster:

  1. medical assistance (different disasters cause different injuries)
  2. clean water (bottled)
  3. food (canned so it doesn’t go off)
  4. shelter (tents are provided)

Natural disasters cause damage to not just people, but to buildings to. Sometimes an engineer or builder may be just as useful as a doctor or nurse.

when we stop hearing about natural disasters on the news, it doesn’t mean that they have just entirely stopped, it’s just that it can take years to put an effected area of a natural disaster back together again.

can all countries get access to medics, water, food and shelter? If not, could the whole population die out?

I understand that natural disasters can be more dangerous then they seem.

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It’s a bright spring day, and ripe fruits are hanging off their branches waiting to be picked. I rub my fingers around the stem of some green berries, and pluck them free. I bite into them, letting the sweet juice trickle down my chin. I take a deep breath in and breath in the fresh, clean air. it’s much better here being surrounded by trees away from where the black smoke invades what once was a happy place. I pick more of the berries, hoping that my family may be able to enjoy them in the way I can. I love spring here in the woods.





  • Massive cracks are appearing in Kenya, some scientists believe that it could be the start of Africa splitting in two. The first crack became exposed for the first time after heavy rain in Kenya in the past month — which also caused hospital walls to collapse, flooded entire neighbourhoods, and closed off major highways.
  • The rips in the earth are growing longer and deeper by the day.
  • Geologists believe that something significant is happening underneath the ground, they believe there is evidence that Africa will break into two, over the next tens of millions of years.

was it just the rain that caused this?

is this because of continental drifts?

I understand more about what is happening to our world, not just Australia.

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 “This is your pilot speaking, we are about to have a rough landing, those sitting next to an emergency exit door, please follow the instructions given on the door when needed. Please stay calm and await further instructions.” The pilot explains, “Those sitting next to an emergency exit door please proceed to opening the door… now.” I rush frantically to the emergency exit, there’s a weird looking red handle, but now’s not the time to study it, crowds of people are pushing, trying to get here, I squint at the strange directions given, but I didn’t understand the instructions.


sorry day comes before reconciliation week,it is an apology for aboriginals who, in the 20th century, were taken away from their families, and into English families in hope to turn them white.

national reconciliation week began in 1996 to celebrate indigenous history and culture to try to bring the two sides together in a caring and understanding way. it is held between the 27th of May and 3rd of June each year. in 1967 aboriginals were finaly viewed as Australians and were given the right to vote.

only 13% of people trust aboriginals, yet in 2008 the prime minister Kevin Rudd decided that the Australian government should say sorry for the Aboriginals, and that’s how national sorry day started.

Cross country districts

Today 5 girls out of our age level went to districts, (the next level after cross county) we competed against lots of other schools. I came 28th out of 42 girls. I didn’t get into the next level but I’m still really proud of myself. Our race was 3rd, (out of 4 races) and I had to run 3 kilometers. The track was made of gravel and there were lots of hills. Although the track was really hard, I gave it my best go and I finished it!